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Bookkeeping Services

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HomePagesAbout Company

In the SME sector, most organizations lack the accounts department and accountant which directly affect the productivity of the business. Eventually, under the need of the organization for accounts management, we at SJC provide the bookkeeping services from the minimum records kept by the clients like;
  • Preparation of payment, Receipts, Journal and Cash voucher
  • Preparation of project account
  • Record of all expenses
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • GST returns and income tax statements

SJC has a team of skilled accountants (MBAs, CMAs) possessing full capabilities to handle the accounting work. Therefore, our accountant professional gives their best in the following services;
  • Set up of accounting systems
  • Posting of accounting transactions through accounting module
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations
  • Voucher preparation and filing of records in the absence of the proper vouching system
  • Process payroll with all tax calculations
  • Provision of the data for the filing of tax compliances

Other than offering the above services, we also offer complete and up-to-date detailed accounting records including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash account ledgers. Hence, provide daily or weekly reports based on the available records.

Timely and reliable financial information integral to all size of companies because it helps to decision makers, stakeholders and Investors about the overall financial health of the company.