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Corporate and Secretarial Services

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HomePagesAbout Company

SJC provide professional services to our clients in corporate law as following:
  • Registration of SMC Private Limited.
  • Registration of Private Limited.
  • Registration of Public Limited (Unlisted).
  • Registration of Public Limited (Listed).
  • Licensing of NOP/NGO under section 42 of companies Act 2017.
  • Change of company address.
  • Change in company objects.
  • Change of company status.
  • Preparations & filing of statutory returns and Forms as required under the companies act 2017.
  • Preparation of annual general meetings and other executive meetings.
  • Preparation and execution of documents for transfer of shares, its registration and filings with SECP.
  • Preparation and filing of documents for change in management and execution of the same including filings with SECP.
  • Files inspections on behalf of clients and preparation of search reports.
  • Changes in came of a company and change in memorandum & articles of association etc.
  • Services for further issue of shares, increase in authorized capital and paid up capital.
  • Preparation of documents for the certificate of commencement of business of public limited companies.
  • Enlistment of companies in stock exchange.
  • Mergers and acquisition services including approval from competition commission of Pakistan in case of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Opinions and advisory on corporate advisory.
  • Providing secretarial services to companies.
  • Services as share registrar for listed companies appeals and revisions.
  • Winding up of companies.
  • Registration of partnership firms.

Timely and reliable financial information integral to all size of companies because it helps to decision makers, stakeholders and Investors about the overall financial health of the company.