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NGO/NPO Consultancies

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HomePagesAbout Company

Non-profit organization that operates independently of any government, typically one whose purpose is to address a social or political issue.
  • Registration
  • Registration of trust under Trust Act, 1882
  • Registration of Society under Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • Registration of Voluntary Social Welfare Agency Under Registration and Control Ordinance, 1961
  • Foundation under the Charitable Endowment Act 1890
  • Certification from PCP
  • Registration of NGO/INGO with Economic Affairs Division Government of Pakistan

Tax Exemptions
  • Approval from commissioner and exemption under section 2(36) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Exemption under clause 58 and 61 of the Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Tax exemptions for educational institutions

Intellectual Property Organization (IPO)
  • Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) was established as an autonomous body on April 8, 2005 under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division for integrated and efficient intellectual property management in the country to administer and coordinate all Government systems for protection and strengthening of Intellectual Property (IP) including the Trade Marks Registry, Copyrights and Patent Design.
  • On July 25, 2016, the administrative control of IPO-Pakistan was transferred from Cabinet Division to Commerce Division.

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